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At The House Inspector we specialise in Property inspections, Meth testing, P testing, Asbestos testing, Thermal imaging and leak detection.

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We provide comprehensive house inspection services that will give you and your family peace of mind when buying or selling your house. It’s also important to ensuring that your property is safe, clean and up to NZ standards.

Residential Building Inspection


Highest quality building inspection

We provide a premium property inspection, also known as builders reports or pre-purchase reports or pre-purchase reports. Our property inspection aligns with the highest standards set out by New Zealand Authorities. Our comprehensive building reports are 30-40 pages of precise detailed checks with clearly highlighted weather-tightness issues and faults. We also note maintenance items that you may need to consider. Perfect for those individuals or families that are about to purchase or sell a house.

What does the building inspection include?
  • Comprehensive report.
  • Qualified Builders Inspection.
  • Electrical testing (complementary).
  • Certificate of inspection.
  • Check and inspect moisture, house, plumbing & electrical.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Methamphetamine residual testing (Optional/extra).
What is checked in the property inspection?

The Site

Orientation of living spaces, site exposure, contour & vegetation, retaining walls, paths, steps, handrails & driveways, fencing, surface water control.


Subfloor – location of access point, accessibility, foundation type & condition, foundation walls, ground condition, ground vapour barrier, drainage, ventilation adequacy, pile type, instability & condition, pile to bearer connections, obvious structural alteration, ground clearance of timber framing, floor type, timber framing & bracing, insulation type, coverage & condition, plumbing types, leakage & support, electrical type & support, insect & pest infestation, rotting timbers, debris.


Construction type, cladding, chimneys, exterior stairs, balconies, verandahs, patios etc.


Roof material, roof condition, roof water collection, downpipes, eaves, fascia & soffits

Roof Space

Accessibility, roof cladding, thermal insulation type, clearances, thickness & coverage, sarking, party walls, fire proofing, roof underlay & support, roof frame construction & connections, ceiling construction, obvious structural alteration, insect & pest infestation, rotting timbers, discharges into roof space, plumbing types, leakage & support, electrical type & support, tile fixings.


Ceilings, walls, timber floors, concrete floors, doors & frames, electrical operation of switches etc, heating systems, kitchen bench top, cabinetry, sink, tiles, air extraction system, bathroom wc, ensuite, floor, cistern, pan & bidet, tiles, bath, shower, vanity/wash basin, ventilation, special features, laundry location, floor, tubs/cabinet, tiles, ventilation, storage, stairs, exterior windows & doors.


Fire warning & control systems, heating systems, central vacuum systems, ventilation systems, security system, electricity services, gas services, water services, hot water services, foul water disposal, grey water recycling system, rainwater collection systems, solar heating, aerials & antennae, shading systems, telecommunications, lifts.

Ancillary Spaces and Buildings

Exterior claddings, floors, roofs, subfloor and identify significant defects visible at the time of the inspection.

Moisture Testing

When your purchase a house inspection you get FREE MOISTURE DETECTION ​.

Healthy Homes Inspections


The easy way to ensure your rental property meets the new Healthy Homes Standards.

We Will: Inspect, Report, Remedy or Advise.

Healthy Homes Compliance inspections & reports, to help you meet the required standards.

From 1st July 2021, landlords must ensure their rental properties comply with the Healthy Homes Standards within 90 days of all-new, varied, or renewed tenancy agreements.

Our expertly-trained assessors will visit the property, and complete a full external and internal audit – checking the five key compliance requirements for Healthy Homes Standards:

  • InsulationDo the existing ceiling and underfloor insulation comply or is there exemptions available?
  • VentilationDoes the home have adequate ventilation?
  • Heating  – Do current heaters meet the required heating capacity?
  • DraughtsDetermine if there are any draft gaps in the home and recommend how to remedy them.
  • Drainage and Moisture – Are the relevant systems in place to avoid moisture in the home?

If the property does not comply, we will advise you on the best solution and will even undertake the required remedial works for you. If you want to undertake the work yourself we will point you in the right direction.

Once a standard has been reached for Insulation, Heating & Ventilation, you will receive a House Inspector Healthy Homes Compliant Certificate.

Safe and Sanitary reports (Third Party Reports)


Do you have a home that’s not the same as the council records? Difficulty selling?

Let us make it easier for you to get everything signed off we will:

  • Inspect the areas in question.
  • Report on its suitability.
  • Provide repairs or advise on remedial works if any.
  • Submit to council for approval.

When is a Safe and Sanitary report required?

For non-permitted building work (work completed before the 1st July 1992) a Safe and Sanitary report, also known as a third party report is required. Council will then decide if they will accept the works and add them to the property file. 

Examples of this may include:

  • Homes that were altered during construction and differ from the plans on the council file. 
  • Alterations or additions to the property that required a permit and do not have one
  • New or altered plumbing fittings in different locations to the original.

What is involved in a Safe and Sanitary report?

One of our trained and qualified inspectors will visit the site for an initial assessment to determine if a Safe & Sanitary/third party report is appropriate. If appropriate then a full inspection will be undertaken, this may include: 

  • Recording details, relevant images and taking measurements.
  • Testing of plumbing (additional specialist service may be required for some testing).
  • Testing electrical (additional specialist service may be required for some testing).

The safe and sanitary report needs to prove that:

  • The work was constructed prior to the 1st of July 1992.
  • The work is considered safe and fit for purpose.
  • The structure is sanitary – not likely to be a health risk.
  • The structure is not subject to dampness.
  • The structure has adequate drinkable water and sanitary facilities (for intended use).

Our report will include detailed written and photographic evidence to support this. We will draft a floor plan for the areas of concern if this is required. The report is then lodged with the council, they decide if the details will be added to the property file they hold.

 If you have un-permitted work in your home and would like this work recorded on council records, call us today (0800 223 787) or contact us for a free quote.

Non-Invasive Comprehensive Weathertightness Assessments


More and more lenders are insisting on Comprehensive weather tightness Inspections, Reports or Assessments. We have carried these out for multiple clients and they have been accepted by ANZ, KiwiBank, ASB and all other major banks. 

 These are a combination of the following:

  • Cladding Assessment
  • Non-invasive weather tightness investigation 
  • Builders Report (residential property survey) 

It is basically a builders report with additional emphasis on cladding system assessment and noninvasive moisture testing and recording of internal moisture metre levels. This covers all the bases for your lender and provides peace of mind for you when buying a home.  

It also gives you a good idea of the risks present for future issues and maintenance requirements of the property.

Meth Testing


Add Meth (P) Testing – Purchase a house inspection and a Meth Test and get a $100 discount. METH TESTING carried out in accordance with the NZ Ministry of Health guidelines by a fully certified Meth (P) tester.

Certified Samplers and NZ’s top Lab ensure quality testing!
We are not linked to any remediation companies, so can provide an unbiased assessment of your property. After samples are correctly taken, an analysis is conducted at an accredited laboratory. You can trust the results.

Thermal Imaging – Infrared



Due to New Zealand’s leaky home crisis, some banks are now requesting a thermal image survey of a property prior to purchase. However, thermal imaging is not a silver bullet but one of several tools that can be used in moisture detection.

Thermal imaging inspections: detect the surface temperature of an area. Thermal imaging does not see inside walls. It simply enables the inspectors to look for temperature differences that may help to identify the presence of moisture.

Thermal imaging is one tool that can enable The house inspector to carry out a thorough building inspection of the property.

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