Are You Ready To Buy Your Dream Home? Before You Buy, Book A Building Inspection And Safeguard Your Biggest Asset.

These days, you cannot rely on the opinion of your experienced building mate or the real estate agent. They might have assured you of the structural integrity of the house and property your about to buy. However, there may be significant problems that are hidden from the untrained eye.

Pre-purchase Building Inspection (Before you Buy)

In New Zealand, the pre-purchase / pre-sale inspection industry is not highly regulated. Therefore, the seller is not required to conduct a building inspection prior to the sale of their house. When making an offer on a house, it is recommended to include the building inspection as a condition to your offer on the house.

By doing this, the building inspector can notify you on any unidentified structural problems that might exist. These problems may be exposed as leaky issues, areas of moisture and mold and many other internal and external defects. You will also receive a comprehensive building report that will cover all the required checks, including photos of the areas inspected.

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Finally, the agreed building inspection as a condition to your offer will give you peace of mind and an understanding of the property’s structural condition. This will allow you to make an informed decision when buying your dream home. Moreover, a building report will allow you to monitor less significant issues and prevent them from evolving into future problems.

In some cases and depending on the information produced by the building report. You may be in a position to negotiate on the price, or the completion of the necessary repairs prior to purchasing the property.

Pre-sale Building Inspection (Before You Sell)

Booking a building inspection is equally a smart and important decision for the sellers of a property​. If for example an issue is identified prior to the unconditional stage of selling your house, you could lose out on the sale!

Moreover, ensuring that a comprovensive building report is completed in the initial stages of selling a property, will provide complete transparency of the property’s condition to all potential buyers. This will essentially speed up the sale, answer all the potential questions from the buyers and provide the needed peace of mind for all parties involved.

The final take

In this article we have outlined the importance of a building inspection prior to the purchase or sale of your property. We cannot emphasize how crucial this step is when buying or selling your home. By investing in a building report, you alleviate any potential issues down the track for all parties involved in the sale of the property.

Are you ready to sell or buy your home? If so, you are now aware of the significance of a building inspection. The team at The House Inspector Ltd would be happy to assist you by providing a comprehensive ​Pre-purchase / Pre-sale Building Inspection​. We will identify any issues that have been missed or overlooked.

Additionally, we will clearly communicate the condition of the property in easy to understand terms. This will be complemented with a comprehensive report detailing all the necessary findings. Finally, you will have all the information required for you to make an informed decision on the property.

If your still unsure if you require a ​pre-purchase / pre-sale building Inspection​, or you would like to know more, then feel free to send us a message or give us a call today.

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