How satisfying does it feel to know that the house you are living in (or about to buy) is in the safest possible condition? Or that your home will protect your family in the worst times when heavy storms hit or when a small earthquake occurs. It feels great, right?

Sometimes people don’t take building inspections too seriously, however when the time comes to sell their houses or apartment, a building inspection becomes a necessity.

Following an inspection the building report may uncover many kinds of issues and faults in the structural integrity of the building.

As a result, buyers tend to lose confidence in the home they originally fell in love with, and sellers may find themselves in a position of being unable to sell their home. Only because they didn’t invest in, or listen to the warnings made visible from a building report. Safeguard your biggest asset and provide peace of mind for you and your family with a comprehensive building inspection.

WHY do you require a building inspection?

Unfortunately, not all construction companies are equal in terms of the building standards that they aim to provide. It is not often visible or noticeable if a building will remain in good structural condition. Decades of naturally occuring external and internal wear and tear can cause structural defects and unseen issues.

Thus, when you invest in a comprehensive building inspection, you can understand the nature and condition of your home. At The House Inspector we provide two experienced building inspectors that conduct a thorough check on your entire property. Our 30 – 40 page building report will clearly identify and highlight any significant deterioration, structural faults, urgent maintenance issues and leaky elements within your home. We aim to provide you and your family a complete understanding of the condition of your home.

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WHEN do you require a building inspection?

Building inspections are required when individuals or families are about to purchase or sell a house in New Zealand. Quality checks are needed to ensure that New Zealand houses adhere to NZ Government standards. You may also want peace of mind, knowing that your home is structurally safe and secure.

WHAT is checked in a building report in New Zealand?

Building Reports must provide quality checks of the entire property. These checks must align with the standards set out by New Zealand Authorities.

A comprehensive building inspection will check the majority or external and internal aspects of a property including; the entire visual site of the property, subfloor, construction material, the roof, the roof space, all interior elements, house services, ancillary spaces and building, moisture checks and more.

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HOW much does a building inspection cost in New Zealand?

Building inspections or building reports cost between $299 – $699 in New Zealand. The cost will depend on the size of the space being inspected. From small ground level flats through to large multi level homes.

Pre auction walk through or verbal reports cost between $199 – $599 in New Zealand. These are inspections that are purely verbal and come with no physical report. These are ideal for situations like auctions where a quick visual inspection is requested.

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WHO provides the best building inspection services in New Zealand?

Building inspectors that are registered under the government and are certified building inspectors provide the highest quality building inspections. Additionally, the inspectors that have years of experience in residential and commercial construction have a greater understanding for identifying building issues and faults. At the The house inspector we provide two highly experienced inspectors to ensure that nothing is overlooked and missed.

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The final take

Awesome! You managed to read this post right until the end! We now hope you have come to realise the importance of a building inspection. If so, we have succeeded at our job of educating the curious!

Finally, you now know the importance of a building inspection. So, are you thinking about investing in a building inspection? Get in touch with us today. We would be happy to assist you by providing a comprehensive Building Inspection. Let us help you safeguard your biggest asset and provide peace of mind for you and your family.

If your still unsure if you require a building report, or you would like to know more, then feel free to send us a message today or give us a call. We would be happy to help!

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